Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Candidate 'B'

Having heard last week from Katie and Rebecca, I thought we would proceed in alphabetical order and read the report on candidate B. This man, on paper, was by far the best candidate: well-qualified, and with a wealth of relevant experience. But how would he react to being asked to discipline a naughty schoolgirl? What punishment would he consider most appropriate in the case of the Head Girl being brought to book for being late on three separate occasions? My own preference in such cases is always to carry out such punishment in public: an example must be made, and if that means ending morning prayers with the spectacle of a public caning, then so be it. But how would candidate 'B' judge such a situation?

Lisa Knowles was allocated this scenario. Although she is not, in point of fact, our Head Girl she is a senior prefect. She presented candidate B with the details of her fictitious misdemeanour, and awaited his response with interest.

"You realise, Miss Knowles, that such behaviour is intolerable?"

"Yes, sir" she replied.

"As Head Girl, you're duty is to help uphold the discipline of this school."

"It is, sir."

"It is vital that anyone in a position of authority adheres strictly to the rules. No one is above the law, Miss Knowles."

"No, sir"

At this point, Candidate B announced that he would be punishing our would-be Head Girl in such a manner as would demonstrate to everybody that she was not 'above the law'. Without the facility of a hall full of schoolgirls before which to demonstrate this fact, I was intrigued to see how matters would proceed.

"First of all, I want you to remove your knickers" he instructed her.

The girl complied with this instruction readily, of course. All girls are beaten on the bare bottom in this school; it is something they are used to.

"Now, remove your skirt as well"

At this point Lisa Knowles reported hesitating slightly.


We don't - as a rule - insist on total nudity for a punishment at this school, although I have known the gym mistress spank an entire class, all of whom were stripped ready to go into the communal showers after games. But with Lisa standing only in her shoes and socks, she was instructed to lay across the candidates knee while he spanked her 'ten or twenty times, quite hard' reported Lisa, who at this point - in spite of being naked - felt she might have rather 'got away with it' - "I mean, it did hurt sir" she told me afterwards. "But nothing like the strap or slipper."

But the punishment was not over. Oh no. Following her spanking, the girl was told to stand, and then ordered to bend over to receive a slippering.

"I think I got about a dozen strokes of the slipper, sir, but it was difficult to count - they came so fast."

"And was that is?" I enquired, when the interview panel questioned the girl later in the day.

"Almost, sir."


"Yes - he kept me bending over following the slippering, then gave me six of the best with the cane!"

"Which one did he use?"

"I should think the senior cane, sir - judging by the marks."

"May we see?" I enquired, and the girl turned round and lifted up her skirt before pulling down her pants and showing us her bottom.

"Yes, definitely the senior, I should say wouldn't you, Chaplain?" We agreed that not only had the senior cane been used, but that it had been applied with some force. And Lisa's bottom already bore the marks of, first, her spanking, then her slippering.

"And I believe you mentioned something about the punishment being a public demonstration too, my dear.

"Oh yes, sir!"

"How did that occur?" I must say, I was intrigued for with her caning, Lisa's chastisement had seemed to draw to its natural conclusion.

"Well, sir" Lisa went on. "That was the clever part. You see, without allowing me to put my clothes back on he made me stand outside his office, hands on head, with my nose against the wall. And as the bell was just about to go, I suppose half the school must have walked past and seen me standing there."

"I see" I told her, at the same time smiling to myself. "And was that appropriate, in your opinion?"

"Yes, sir - if I was Head Girl and I'd not done as I was told I would expect to have to be humiliated in some way."

"But you are not Head Girl, Lisa, are you. And you'd done nothing wrong."

"Oh no, sir" she replied. "But I am happy to assist with the interviews in whatever way I can."

That's what I like about the girls here - they're so keen!


Hermione said...

Well, I abhor lateness in anybody, so the punishment was sufficient. But I didn't think being half naked in the hall was appropriate. Or over his lap, come to that.
"A" is still my top choice.

The Headmaster said...

You are indeed a shrewd judge of character Hermione!

Jflame said...

Hi. I would have emailed you but I don't know it.
I noticed you've stopped coming by my blog. Have I offended you or did you get bored?

The Headmaster said...

My dear, of course not. I am on my way to it as we speak!